Preparing for sunshine!

Summer is on its way, which appears to surprise us all as I look outside into the dark and stormy Melbourne sky. This does not perturb Nine Yaks as they prepare to officially launch their spring/summer collection.

Their eyes are on the horizon, where the sun should eventually appear out of the wintry darkness.


Keeping it local, we popped down to Caulfield Park, staying close to nature and the local duck population with models Melinda (pictured right), Maddy and Florence (pictured left).

I didn’t envy the models as they frolicked around in light and cool summery cotton, trying for all they were worth to appear warm and happy, when really it was freezing, the blustery wind blowing away whatever sunshine existed.


The models were there to showcase Nine Yaks newest collection: Melbourne-made cotton tops and dresses, as well as an assortment of scarves ready for spring and summer.

blackwhite dress

The material for the designs are printed in India, then designed and made lovingly by hand in Melbourne by one of our few designers. The ideas came about because we wanted to create something new and fun, as well as something sustainable. The designers are working with us to create clothing from upcycled scarves – so that we can provide fashion that’s a little bit different from the norm.


As the day wore on, the ducks managed to keep us all entertained as they edged closer and closer to the photo shoot, entertaining passers-by as they tried to nip our models’ feet and encourage them to provide lunch for the day. I must admit that there was plenty of squealing (myself included) as we tried to protect ourselves – I wasn’t interested in being part of another rendition of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds!


Clothing change after clothing change came to an end and the day slowly wound to a close, leaving the models to dress in their warm winter layers and head off home, the ducks saddened that there weren’t enough breadcrumbs to go around!

~~~ Megan Tingate 2014