About Us


Nine Yaks has a simple mission: to provide you with high quality fashion accessories that don't cost the earth. Our values underpin everything we do at Nine Yaks.

Ethical and Community-based

We work closely with the artisans who make our beautiful clothing and accessories, supporting their efforts towards economic independence and control over their own environment, challenging the power structures that undermine their rights to a livelihood. We are actively taking responsibility for ensuring fair working conditions of those who craft our products. We are committed to human rights and build close relationships with suppliers to ensure that workers are treated fairly, with respect and dignity.

Natural and Sustainable

We believe that there is an endless array of beautiful products that are natural, so we create clothing and accessories only from the gifts that Mother Nature provides. We aim to protect the environment and use natural resources sustainably, promoting environmentally responsible initiatives to promote sustainability. Our ponchos, wraps, scarves and throws are all made from 100% Cashmere or Linen, and the dyes are vegetable-based, ensuring that when you wrap yourself up in a Cashmere Wrap, Mother Nature is giving you a hug!


We aim to provide our customers with good quality products, with friendly and efficient service, and build awareness to empower customers and producers to participate in ethically sound and environmentally sustainable solutions. We aim to set ourselves as an example to encourage sustainable and ethical business practice, thus creating a culture of conscious consumerism.


Sharing the benefits

To put it simply, we share our profits with effective charities. It’s just one of the ways that we can contribute to the world.


So, you can shop with us and be happy with the thought that you are not only buying our products, but you are also helping us in being able to support others. Our products come from a place of love - that's all there is to it!


If you have any questions or comments for us, or have a wholesale enquiry, please email info@nineyaks.com.au.