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How to Wear Your Cashmere Button Wrap

How To Wear Your Nine Yaks Cashmere Button Wrap   Creativity is the key when you're working out how to put on your Cashmere Button Wrap. To help you out, we have included some images below, but please play around and work out some new ways to wear it. If you find some new creative ways to wrap that we don't already know, send us the details via our Facebook page!   Style 1: Sweater Drape the cashmere over your shoulders as though making a poncho, then simply button the buttons under the arm to make a sleeve.   Style 2: Shrug Fold the sheet of cashmere in half, buttoning the buttons on each side. Feed the arms through, creating...

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Origins of Cashmere

   Origins of cashmere Have you been wondering where your cashmere shawls came from? Are you asking why ponchos made of cashmere are more expensive than products made of other types of wool? It is because of the wool’s low supply and costly production process.   Cashmere wool comes from the soft undercoat of goats that are specially bred for the purpose. The wool from two goats are needed in order to make a two-ply sweater. It involves a tedious process of separating the fibres of the warming undercoat from the coarser protective top coat. Harvest of the wool usually takes place during the spring malting season. Harvesters have to comb and sort the hair of the goats by hand....

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